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Meet Jennifer – DefineMe Fragrance

Jennifer founded the perfume company DefineMe Fragrance to empower women through its scents! DefineMe brings personality to fragrances by naming each perfume by a women who isn’t afraid to show who she is. What exactly is DefineMe Fragrance? DefineMe offers a collection of award-winning scents that embody inspirational personalities. Every bottle represents mold-breaking, barrier-crushing women that […]


#WCW – Get Your GLOW on…Meet Joanna Querry Smith

What is Glow For A Cause? GLOW for a cause is beauty that gives back. We developed luxurious skincare products and perfumes with pure ingredients and scents that are simply divine, and we give 5% back to our incredible partner non-profits. What was your inspiration for founding it? I’ve always been slightly obsessed with skincare […]


Meet Wendi Berger, Founder of Pour le Monde

Perfume. Smells great right? Of course, but did you ever think about all the chemicals you are spraying onto yourself with every spritz? When she was pregnant, Wendi Berger did, and she knew their had to be a better answer. Enter Pour le Monde – fragrance to have you smelling great without covering your body […]