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REVIEW: “Dear White People”

“Bet you think this show is about you.” There could not have been a phrase better than this one to decorate the promotional posters of the Netflix series “Dear White People,” which came out April 28th. No, I am not Black. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Which is probably surprising to some. A show […]


How a Side Hustle Helped Launch My Career

Side Hustle: A flexible part-time engagement done at your leisure in addition to working your full-time job. It’s similar to being a weekend warrior, where you grind through the 9-5 work week, anticipating a weekend engrossed in the activities you love, whether it’s surfing, writing or crocheting custom scarves. The difference? A side hustle allows […]


Documentaries for the Health-Conscious

As nerdy as I may sound–and as much as I may regret admitting this publicly–I’m addicted to documentaries. Like most kids, I grew up associating the word ‘documentary’ with those incredibly dry and over-dramatic films that you’d watch in class about medieval castles or the lifestyle of frogs. And this can certainly be the case, […]