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Peace Love Yoga – We’re Getting Our Spiritual Gangster On

With so many different cute workout clothes on the market,  there are not many brands that can excite us here at SFTL. We love clothes that can take you from the street while at the same time doubling as great fitness wear. Spiritual Gangster does just that.  They are chock full of great styles, fabrics, […]


The Sweaty Truth About Hot Yoga

The other day, I decided to try hot yoga. Why? Two very important reasons: Yoga clothes are really cute, and I couldn’t justify another Spiritual Gangster purchase without doing something Spiritual or Gangstery. I don’t know how many former financial services executive mom gangsters you know, but it seemed spiritual was the better way to […]


Got A Secret? We Have 7! (The 7 Secrets To Confidence)

Good things come in 7s.  7 natural wonders of the world.  7 days of the week.  7 colors of the rainbow.  7 Steps to Lasting Transformation (hint, hint, check out that blog).  7 deadly sins (jk, wanted to make sure you were reading!), and our 7 tips for feeling confident all day evey day: 1. […]