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Amo Luz Personality Shoes

What exactly is Amo Luz? Amo Luz is a woman’s shoe brand that adds personality to your shoes. It’s a great way to express to the world what you love, all while being stylish. Plus the shoes are a great conversation starter. What is your mission? Our mission is to become the next big fashion […]


Have The Confidence to Just Say No

College is a crazy time, an exciting time, and a learning experience in every aspect. You’re on the last leg of becoming a real adult, as you have all the freedoms of being an adult, while, if you’re lucky like me, still having support from your parents. You can stay out late, have a boy […]


Sink, Swim or Be Lunch!

Here are our top 5 reasons that you should go for a swim today: 1. That’s right!  It’s that time again.  Sharknado 3 premiers tomorrow night.  How you gonna get away if you can’t swim? 2. It’s Swim Week!  This is the ultimate hotter than hot, Miami in the blazing sun, swimwear fashion week.  Lots of cute styles. […]