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Coping with High Functioning Anxiety

Thoughts dance around my mind, twirling faster as they confound into a sonata of angst. Blood beats through my veins to the staccato rhythm of my heart as the fibers in my back contract like strings of a guitar that has just been tuned. My fingernails- half bitten, half broken- tap the desk to an […]


Detox Your Life with “Perfectly Imperfect” Kimi Rae Chapman

Kimi Rae Chapman (kimiraechapman.com and @kimiraechapman), a Yoga Instructor, Pilates CPT, Television Hostess, Yogapreneur, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador, Yoga Spokesperson for Wingate Wyndham Hotels, Host of her own show based on Wellness, Fitness, & Life tips called “Perfectly Imperfect”, is on our newest obsession. She has shared with SFTL how she started her amazing career, and 10 tips […]


Dive in Deck: Take a Deep Breath—How Does that Feel?

There are 24 hours in a day. 8 of those hours are spent working. 5 of those hours are spent taking care of errands and family. 3 of those hours are spent completing miscellaneous tasks. 2 of those hours are spent exercising. 1 hour is spent commuting. And that leaves 5 hours for sleeping, give […]