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She Makes Sick Kids Smile Again – Introducing Jen Rubino

Imagine being a kid in a hospital.  Not good, right?  Well, now imagine a #girlboss rockstar who comes along and based on her own experience as a kid in a hospital finds a way to make that experience a whole lot brighter.  Read on and check out cardsforhospitalizedkids.com to meet Jen Rubino, learn about Cards […]


Bundle up and save a life with Une écharpe-une vie

What could be better for a snowy day than wrapping up in a beautiful hand woven scarf?  Only knowing that your gorgeous, cozy scarf was actually helping to change lives!  Rajni Carney and Christine Tiffany Cool have combined their desire to help those in need and their appreciation for talented artisans to create the very awesome […]


President Elect Trump…Now What?

The election is over, and Donald Trump will be our President.  For some of us, those are the worst words we ever heard and ones we never expected to. For others, even if this is an outcome we hoped for, this has been a draining election season, leaving many of us with collateral damage in […]