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Behind The Brand – Fifth & Ninth

Fifth and Ninth are the streets in New York City that boarder the fashion district. At Fifth and Ninth their mission is to bring you the fashion between the streets and create trendy fashion products to provide you with accessories that go beyond functionality, reflecting your personal style and taste.  What inspired you to start Fifth and […]


You Will Never Be Perfect And That’s Okay

In today’s scoiety women are portrayed to look a certain way. We need to be skinny, be a certain height, and have large breasts. We need to act a certain way. We can’t be too clingy, too needy, too slutty, too prude, or too available. We have expectations to live up to that are just […]


Why it’s so important for young women to ‘Keep Up’

Kim Kardashian is a name that everyone recognizes, whether they are fans or not. She is a mother, wife, and sister. She’s a fashion icon, celebrity, and a figure of inspiration. It’s no secret that the beginning of Mrs. Kardashian West’s journey to fame wasn’t such a shining time in her life; however, the way she and her family […]