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“Hold the Bread” and Have Smoked Salmon Scramble

I don’t diet. A few years back, I gave up sugar. I had gained some weight in grad school and I was sick of dieting. I needed to change the way I ate. It was really hard at first, but I said “no” 7 days a week and it worked. Now that I’ve lost my […]


Eating Clean With Elli Quark

We were so thrilled to get acquainted with Elli Quark, one of our sponsors of Connect To Confidence last month in NYC. We wanted to learn more about this yummy product, so we asked resident nutritional expert Hillary Macias to check it out for us:   I’m all about eating clean, and when it comes to […]


I Am Sam. Sam I Am. Would You Like…

No Green Eggs And Ham here, but Chef Ninamarie has brought us a terrific recipe for Scrambled Eggs.  These eggs are a great anytime choice – perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast, but with their high nutritional content, also perfect to get your workday off to a confident start!   Chef Ninamarie says, “This recipe […]