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Dive in Deck: What it’s Like to Go With the Flow

At some point in life, bliss makes itself known to its owner. It comes with a momentous occasion that has a lasting impact on life, whether anticipated or not, and, when it happens, it leaves a mark that can only be explained as a beauty mark rather than a scar. Regardless of when or where […]


The Week In Pictures 2-28 Edition

Here’s what we talked about this week.  Click on any pic to learn more.     Read The Articles: 10 Snacks Under 100 Calories by Zara Puskuldjian Brownie Batter Smoothie Bowl by Melanie Kinnan Sh*t Happens by Charlotte Masucci I’m Ridin Solo by Kelly Sodano Pick of The Weekend by Jordan Cohen Becoming Your Neurotic […]


How To Let Go…Gracefully by Briana Esposito

We all have that one person (maybe 5) where if we had the opportunity to really hit ‘em where it hurts, we would, BUT, I have learned after many many high emotion-loud speaking-boy shaming-b*tch flip sessions with my friends (or myself) that letting go gracefully is a lot more rewarding. Trust me, I know this […]