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Instagram’s Latest Feature – And Why You Should Care

Depression is real. Anxiety is real. Eating disorders are real. Mental Illnesses are real. Whilst the notion of being sick without having physical symptoms may be relatively new to societal acceptance, there is today (thankfully) little to no denying that a person can appear to be completely fine externally, but be simultaneously sick internally. The […]


Joining a Sorority Changed My Life

Let’s be real here, sororities have a pretty distinct reputation. I’m talking clicking fingers, blonde girls, low GPA’s, meaningless gossip and Barbie Doll physiques (only the hottest, of course). Thanks to Hollywood, the media, in general, and possibly a little bit of truth, this image has become universal — so much so that I, the […]


20 Things in 20 Years

I recently turned 20, and although I’m still technically not even a fully-functioning adult, I feel as though I’ve learned a lot over my years. They say that time is the best teacher, and I agree, in a rather painful, bitter-sweet kind of way. Time teaches only because it is within time that wounds heal, […]