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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Working Out, Part 2 by Ximena Iglesias

Hello! Welcome to Transformation Tuesday SFTL style. Here is a simple body weight workout you can do anywhere, without equipment. Movements to know: Air squats, Pushups, Mountain Climbers and Crunches. Here are some quick tips: Air Squats : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnTtN4EsXg4 Pushups: Similar to a plank position, have your hands below the plane of your shoulders, and […]


The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Working Out by Ximena Iglesias

Fitness is your resolution, but now it’s freezing out, and how are you going to get up from under those covers to go to the gym?  We say don’t.  Ximena has a better way to go! I find myself dreading the idea of getting up for my 8am classes. Aside from that, getting up to […]