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This Blonde’s Gone Clean!

When we discovered Natalie Kelley, the blonde blogger behind the foodie, fitness, wellness and lifestyle blog, Blonde Gone Clean, we knew we had to share. From running half marathons to whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen and nerding out about all things nutrition, Natalie has found her own unique way of showing that college […]


The Busy Beauty’s Guide to Free Fitness

The two most common excuses we use to not work out are 1. I don’t have time and 2. I can’t afford a gym membership. I’m right there with ya–it’s hard to work exercise into an already overbooked schedule, and paying an arm and a leg for access to an elliptical isn’t ideal for anybody. […]


Tips To Living A Healthy Lifestyle In College by Alexa Mach

To sum up college in one word, I like to use the word transitional. You transition from living at home to living in a completely new world, transition as you meet new people, creating new friendships, and perhaps losing old ones, and most importantly, you transition as an individual as you strive to find what […]