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Remnant International

What is Remnant? Remnant International is an expression of our desire to see humanity united. We provide vocational opportunities to marginalized people groups, specifically to Congolese refugees and Ugandan locals of Gulu, Uganda. Furthermore, we encourage cultural exchange between marginalized communities and developed world. What is your mission? We strive to provide employment to the […]


Meet Kailee Steward, Founder and CEO of I’m With The Band

Kailee Steward, Founder and CEO of I’m With The Band, is our new favorite. She makes headbands perfect for every occasion and we cannot get enough. Check her out below, on her website (http://im-with-the-band.com)/, and on Instagram @im_with_the_band_headbands What exactly is I’m With The Band? I’m With The Band is a line of headwear, namely headbands and […]