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Bear Left! (Six Salads for Your Post 4th of July Detox)

So earlier this week, my grandfather told me that he calls the GPS in his car Goldilocks.  Moment of panic on my part.  “OMG, he’s totally lost it.  Pretty sure he should not be driving.  But OK, let’s just go with it.”  So, “Why Goldilocks, Pop Pop?”  “Well, she’s always telling me “Bear Left,” so […]


I Am Sam. Sam I Am. Would You Like…

No Green Eggs And Ham here, but Chef Ninamarie has brought us a terrific recipe for Scrambled Eggs.  These eggs are a great anytime choice – perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast, but with their high nutritional content, also perfect to get your workday off to a confident start!   Chef Ninamarie says, “This recipe […]


Introducing SFTL Chef Ninamarie

At She’s Fit to Lead, we believe healthy eating can be a powerful confidence booster. What could be more healthy, summery and fun than the perfect salad? We asked Chef Ninamarie for her tips. Her recommendations? “Don’t go too light. An unsatisfying bowl of lettuce is not dinner and is highly likely to lead to […]