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Living the Vegan Life with Plant Based Jane

Are you vegan or thinking about becoming one? Always up for a yummy recipe? Then, Plant Based Jane is the blogsite for you. With over 30,000 Instagram followers and growing, 23-year-old founder, Jane, a Fashion Merchandising student in New York, kills it with her creative and delicious recipes and fun and inspiring blog. Check it […]


Monday Motivators: Meet The Founders of @foodporndaily1

What does it take to have a leading food Instagram account? What happens when something you started as a joke turns into a real business? We figured that with 103,000 followers and over 3,000 posts, Marci Weiss, Jill Kushner, Sydney Burger, Sydney Fleisher and Jessie Gloger of @foodporndaily1 would definitely know the answer. Check out […]


Why I Love Going To College In State

For many high schoolers, college means one thing: getting the heck outta their home towns. Whether you’re from a small town or a big city, you’ll find that most seniors are searching for the complete opposite of their current situations. But I felt completely different. Being close to home and staying in New Jersey felt […]