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Social Media Cleanse: The New Juice Cleanse for Millennials

As with every millennial, I am prone to always being on my phone and checking all forms of social media. Every morning, I go through the same “routine”: check Snapchat, Instagram and then Facebook, all before even getting out of bed. Although common among many of my friends, it has become a rather strange habit, […]


How To Be Agent of Change

We live in a negative world. This is a sad statement, but this past election cycle has proven it to be true. My newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram was filled with nothing more than long rants about the candidates for the Presidency and why each was a threat to the safety and prosperity […]


What is Fake News and Where The Hell Does It Come From?

This election season was nothing short of exhausting. Whether you’re saddened by the outcome, optimistic about the future, or as confused as I am, all of us can probably agree on one thing: thank God it’s over. So many strange things came to light during this election. It was one of the first elections during […]