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#getLYFTed with pureLYFT

Today I had the opportunity to try a pureLYFT caffeine stick. When trying the stick I couldn’t help but think to myself  of all my millions of coffees, Red Bulls, Monsters and 5 Hour Energy Shots, and how I would happily trade them all for pureLYFT.  It was that good.  It was definitely the same kick, […]


Celebrating Women With LVLY

Laura DiFrancesco and Melissa Larkin are on a mission – “creating a network of women to face our greatest challenges in life: getting out of bed on a cold morning, and then conquering the world!” Through LVLY (livelvly.com and @livelvly on Instagram), these “good souls, animal lovers, doers and dreamers” have created an exciting, fun […]


The Sweaty Truth About Hot Yoga

The other day, I decided to try hot yoga. Why? Two very important reasons: Yoga clothes are really cute, and I couldn’t justify another Spiritual Gangster purchase without doing something Spiritual or Gangstery. I don’t know how many former financial services executive mom gangsters you know, but it seemed spiritual was the better way to […]