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The Busy Beauty’s Guide to Free Fitness

The two most common excuses we use to not work out are 1. I don’t have time and 2. I can’t afford a gym membership. I’m right there with ya–it’s hard to work exercise into an already overbooked schedule, and paying an arm and a leg for access to an elliptical isn’t ideal for anybody. […]


Living the Vegan Life with Plant Based Jane

Are you vegan or thinking about becoming one? Always up for a yummy recipe? Then, Plant Based Jane is the blogsite for you. With over 30,000 Instagram followers and growing, 23-year-old founder, Jane, a Fashion Merchandising student in New York, kills it with her creative and delicious recipes and fun and inspiring blog. Check it […]


Monday Munchies? – Introducing Edoughble

From the second we tried Edoughble, we knew it was a hands down winner. This edible cookie dough is without a doubt the yummiest, in the most outrageous flavors, and it’s meant to be eaten raw. So get yourself settled in with a container of Makin’ Whoopi Pie (created in honor of Whoopi Goldberg who […]