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Learning to be Diet-free

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin can be a daunting task. From a young age, women are shown that beauty is only attainable through being thin. From constantly receiving this message, women often resort to taking on numerous diets for short periods of time to get the ‘ideal’ body they see around them. […]


How To Diet Without Dieting by Kelly Sodano

It’s January of the New Year, which means it’s also time to stop stuffing your faces with holiday cookies and chocolates! But as we all know, diets can be SO ANNOYING! They usually last only a few days, until you are faced with lack of cooking time and an assortment of doughnuts on the counter. […]


Bear Left! (Six Salads for Your Post 4th of July Detox)

So earlier this week, my grandfather told me that he calls the GPS in his car Goldilocks.  Moment of panic on my part.  “OMG, he’s totally lost it.  Pretty sure he should not be driving.  But OK, let’s just go with it.”  So, “Why Goldilocks, Pop Pop?”  “Well, she’s always telling me “Bear Left,” so […]