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Dear Freshman Self, It’s Almost Time For Second Semester!

Dear Freshman You, Congratulations, you just finished your first semester of college! First off, I give you a lot of claps because that is a huge accomplish from the start. I know stepping foot inside your first class, you were a nervous wreck, but, I can see that you are a natural now. Now, resting […]


Tips To Living A Healthy Lifestyle In College by Alexa Mach

To sum up college in one word, I like to use the word transitional. You transition from living at home to living in a completely new world, transition as you meet new people, creating new friendships, and perhaps losing old ones, and most importantly, you transition as an individual as you strive to find what […]


Things I Wish I Knew About College By Zara Puskuldjian

College.. . what should I be expecting… We have all heard the terrible stereotypes and hearsay talk that goes on; stashing snacks in your closet, roommate problems, the craziest college parties ever, and the dreaded freshman 15.   Some of what you hear is true, and some of what you hear is not. Freshmen can’t […]