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It’s February 14. You know what that means? Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! And it’s one of my favorite holidays. Big stuffed teddy bears with heart collars, boxes and boxes of chocolates, and dozens of red roses line up every store window. via GIPHY The beautiful colors, delicious chocolates, and lovely little gifts and cards shared […]


Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is a crazy, beautiful, complicated mystery that unveils the stories of the world. Those stories consist of hurdles, triumphs and all the emotions comprised within, and while the major events within those tales of triumph and destruction serve as guiding points, they are not the whole story. What makes a story compelling is the mentality […]


Feed Your Face…Our Zero Calorie Chocolate Indulgence

It’s rich.  It’s indulgent.  It’s decadent.  It’s chocolate!  And we promise you, it’s all zero calorie!!  What?  How?  Why?  Because it’s going on your face not in your mouth. Yup!  Not kidding.  Turns out that in addition to being yummy, chocolate is a luxurious treat for your skin.  Check out this amazing Chocolate Facial Mask […]