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5 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Could Give My Undergraduate Self by Bethany Heinrich

I recently noticed that there is a lot of content out there that offers advice about adolescence, but what about those somewhat-still-coming-of-age years that occur between the ages of 18-22? I decided to take a trip down memory lane (not that it was that long ago!) and assess what would have been some helpful advice to have in […]


Of Nots, Knots and Nott – Reflections On Becoming A College Senior

A few days ago I stood in the quad by the Nott—a sixteen sided building and landmark of Union’s campus. Bagpipes played and I stood with my aunt as a stream of graduates walked out through this building that offered corners to study, galleries to explore art, floors to dance, and side walks to run […]


Leap Before You Look!

Last year, I left a big job in the financial industry to follow my dream of starting a company dedicated to helping women become more confident.  I wanted to wake up every morning and feel like I was doing something that I really cared about.  I wanted to make a difference. However, deciding to make […]