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Renovating Your Apartment on a College Budget

Getting an apartment while still in college or just after graduating can be tough. College is not exactly the most opportune time to save thousands of dollars or working full-time, so when the time comes to get an apartment, the budget is usually pretty tight. After finding that perfect apartment, it is time to decorate […]


Looking Professional On a Budget

Getting that first full-time ‘grown-up’ job is an exciting step. After spending four or more years getting an undergraduate degree, this step is what makes it all seem worth it. As great as it is, however, getting the first job tends to be quite stressful when it comes to being presentable in the work force. Unless you held […]


Traveling On A Budget? Get Confident With Travel Treasures TV!

  Michele Lawson has got it all going on. This critically acclaimed actor, whose film and television credits include Law & Order: SVU, WE TV’s Cinema Therapy, and several major theatrical releases  is also a Plus Size fashion model and the founder and star of Travel Treasures TV. We love her positive outlook, her body […]