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How To Let Go…Gracefully by Briana Esposito

We all have that one person (maybe 5) where if we had the opportunity to really hit ‘em where it hurts, we would, BUT, I have learned after many many high emotion-loud speaking-boy shaming-b*tch flip sessions with my friends (or myself) that letting go gracefully is a lot more rewarding. Trust me, I know this […]


Living in a Cardio World by Briana Esposito

We’re living in a cardio world, but I am most definitely not a cardio girl. Quite the opposite actually.  There’s nothing I hate more than cardio for that matter. The thought of being on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical for any extended period of time is actually a nightmare to me. Yes I get tired, […]


You Should Go and Love Yourself By Briana Esposito

…not in the way JBiebs meant it, but in the way our OG favorite blogger Carrie Bradshaw meant it (and if you don’t get this reference reevaluate your life). CB once told us “don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first,” and she’s right. We spend so much time working to impress others with […]