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20 Facts That Will Make You Happy

If you need a pick me up or just a few interesting facts to get you through the rest of the week we got you covered. Here are 20 facts that can brighten up your mood! At one point in time, for a brief second, you were the youngest person on the planet. Children smile […]


Why Cousins Make The Best Of Friends By Jordan Cohen

  I have 34 first cousins, and that is just on my mom’s side. Growing up with a big family has been the best experience ever. Since we don’t live close to each other, it has made family events, such as holidays, all the more special because of all of the traditions we have acquired […]


Dear Forever Friend by Zara Puskuldjian

Everyone knows that you have acquaintances… friends… and best friends who basically think they know your whole life, but they actually don’t.  They are not your “til death do us part” friends who actually do know your whole life.  Those are your forever friends.   You may not have the pleasure of seeing them often, […]