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Being a Barefoot Beauty

While some people fantasize over the latest pair of heels and converses, others ditch them altogether and roam the world free as can be. Initially, walking around barefoot may sound kind of, well, icky, but the truth is, there are numerous benefits to embracing barefoot beauty. More circulation Walking barefoot requires using the numerous small […]


Transformation Tuesday – Looking Forward and Back

As I sit in my seat, on my flight back to school after Thanksgiving break, I have time to think. To think about what I did while I was home (workout, eat, spend time with family and high school friends), how much work I have to do in the next few weeks, and how many […]


So You Think You’re Adulting?

Dear She’s Fit To Lead, My manicure‘s chipped. My pedicure’s worse. I carry my stuff in a ripped, worn out purse. I’m skipping my workout. Yup, the one that I love. My night time companions are named Hershey and Dove. I stay in the office until incredibly late. I don’t see my friends. No time […]