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Meet Beth Miller, Director of Performance Nutrition UCLA Athletics

How much do you really know about what to eat to get the best results from your workout or the best performance while running, playing tennis or doing any other competitive sports? Well, when you are the Director of Performance Nutrition for UCLA Athletics, the answer is, you know an awful lot, and lucky for […]


Busy Girl Politics – What is a Convention?

I honestly had no idea what a convention was until recently. All I knew was that it usually ended with balloons, a lot of balloons. Nonetheless, the presidential conventions are very important parts of the race, especially in this 2016 election with both parties dealing with some major drama and controversy. For those of you […]


Make Your Vote Matter

As the Presidential election is swiftly approaching, it sparks some interest on college campuses as certain clubs rally around candidates; however, how many people walking by those screaming students handing out flyers and buttons actually know who they are talking about? You may recognize the names of the candidates — maybe you have seen a […]