May 10 2016

Transformation Tuesday – Meet The Sweat Scene

sweat scene logoI had the pleasure of speaking to one of The Sweat Scene founders, Lindsay Nelson, on the phone a few weeks ago, and I just can’t stop thinking about how inspiring and perfect this website is. The She’s Fit to Lead team cannot wait to meet Lindsay and her co-founder, Carlyn, at Connect To Confidence and are excited to see what future collaborations are in store. For those of you who are not familiar with The Sweat Scene, it is a college student’s guide to staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during a time that is full of all different types of temptations. The Sweat Team is made up of campus ambassadors and contributors, primarily from Emory, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and most recently, Michigan — go Blue! Their diverse team writes articles on different boutique fitness studios, local eateries, juice bars and every healthy hot spot in between that are on each college campus. These articles are corroborated with their team of social media and marketing experts. Here are a few of the questions I got to ask Lindsay.

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How did you and your co-founder come up with the idea for The Sweat Scene?

photo reprinted with permission of thesweatscene.com

photo reprinted with permission of thesweatscene.com

Carlyn and I ran into each other at a SoulCycle class in NYC this past summer. We talked about our passions for fitness and healthy living, and how we would ideally love to dive into that industry. After moving back home, we’ve learned that NYC has become a mecca for everything health and wellness — literally, there’s a spin studio and/or Juice Press on every other corner — and the trend is here to stay. We discussed how, in college, we had to work pretty hard to access fitness and wellness in the same way that we could at home. It wasn’t because it didn’t exist, but rather because it just wasn’t presented to college students in a way that felt approachable. We both also religiously read every health and wellness blog/website — from Well+Good, to Goop, to Greatist — but agreed that none of them speak directly to millennials/college students.  So, long story short, we decided to take action and create an online community where students can read and learn about what’s out there in their college cities and see that being healthy and “getting sweaty” is actually trendy and exciting and that a lot of their peers feel the same way.

What would you say The Sweat Scene’s mission statement is?



photo reprinted with permission of thesweatscene.com

Seriously, this hashtag pretty much encompasses our mission — to motivate millennials and the next generation of college students to embrace health and fitness in a social and interactive way. The purpose of THE SWEAT SCENE is to make fitness and wellness approachable and accessible to a demographic that was previously underserved.

As recent graduates, we understand the challenges that college students face, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard enough to juggle a busy social calendar with a demanding academic course load, to wake up for an 8 a.m. lecture after an all-nighter in the library, or a date party, for that matter. We have both come to view health and wellness as less of a lifestyle choice, but rather as a way of life. Our goal is to spread this point of view and show that once this mentality is integrated, many other aspects naturally fall into place.

What college campuses have you launched on and which do you hope to reach out to?


photo reprinted with permission of thesweatscene.com

We have successfully launched our Tulane, Emory, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and Michigan Sweat Teams.

What are your future goals/hopes for the company?

Our number one goal is to bring THE SWEAT SCENE to as many college campuses as possible. We want to redefine health and wellness and make it as synonymous with college, as keg stands and library all-nighters are. We have a ton of other ideas for the future, but currently we’re just focused on spreading the sweat.


photo reprinted with permission of thesweatscene.com

Check out The Sweat Scene’s website to learn more, and be sure to follow them on Instagram.  Also, be sure to attend Connect To Confidence, and find out more about how you can be a part of The Sweat Scene.  


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