May 8 2016

An Open Letter to my Mom, Stacey Lieberman

reprinted courtesy of S. Lieberman

reprinted courtesy of S. Lieberman

We just had one of the billion dinners that we have had together, just the two of us, in the past two and a half years. Two and half years since dad died, over two and half years since Alex left for and graduated college, and two and a half years since we went through months of eating disorder treatment together. Anything that anyone really can think of for a mother and daughter to go through, we have it checked it off the list. So if anyone needs advice on any of those topics, let us know. As anyone can see, we are very open about it. Though the circumstances were not conventional, and the nights yelling at each other were virtually innumerous, the relationship my mom and I have built is like nothing else I have seen from any other mother-daughter duo.

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In the simplest of words, Mom, you have seen me at my worst and in the end, seen me at my best. There is nothing to say about dad’s passing other than you let me cry on your shoulder all the time, snuggled with me until I fell asleep, and stayed as strong as a mom and/or wife could in those horrible circumstances. During the most severe times of my eating disorder, you saw me suffering and sought help in the blink of an eye. You found the best place for me to go, and you were put in the hardest position of all: being in complete control of my treatment. Although the task at hand was very hard, you took it with full force and declared that you would get me to my healthiest self if it were the last thing you did. As everyone who has read my series about my eating disorder can see, your work has paid off. Mom, you saved my life. You did not turn a blind eye like some other parents do and had the strength to see out the entire process with me. All those doctor appointments, all those long, crazy meals, and all those therapy sessions, you came to every single one and made sure that I did every single thing that I should have done. Now that I am at my healthiest, you are the one I turn to for cooking meals with, to go to spin classes with, to train with, and to basically do everything with.

If anyone knows me, they know “Stace,” and, if you don’t, then you need to meet “Stace.”

But it is not just about those two traumatic experiences within my life that I really want to write to my mother about. No matter how many times I get mad at her for telling me to clean my room or the nights that she doesn’t let me hang with friends — which I have to say is very few — I cannot explain how big of a positive impact she has had on my life. I have never seen a more resilient woman, and I have never seen a more generous, caring, and hardworking person.

Mom, you are two parents in one, and I just can’t comprehend all the things you do for me, Alex, and the rest of the family. I know everyone says this, but you have supported me throughout every phase of my life and have supported me throughout all my mistakes, successes, and everything in between. There is no one else that I could spend all day with exercising, cooking, watching TV, and having sleepovers with, and I hope that this never changes no matter how old either of us gets. I will be lucky if I am even half the mother you are to me, and I hope throughout this letter you truly realize how much you mean to me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our She’s Fit followers, She’s Fit mothers, and all the other mothers out there!

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  1. Thank you Sydney! A beautiful tribute to your mom! May all who read this take away some of the perspective you have.

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