January 30 2016

How You Gonna Be Mad on Vacation? — Get Ready For Spring Break By Jessica Greene

As we are in the midst of “Cuffing Season,” it’s important to remember that Cuffing Season has an end, and then Spring Break and bikini weather begin. Looks like all of those Netflix sessions with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s half- baked yogurt weren’t the best idea, after all.

7-ways-bollywood-taught-us-to-deal-with-a-heartbreak-1In order to prepare for bikini weather, fruity drinks, and excessive Instagrams at the beach, here are a few food substitution suggestions:

  1. Banza-Box-Penne-Avacado-Cream-Pesto_11Banza — No, I’m not referring to a board game like “Yahtzee.” This amazing substitution for pasta- and my reason for existence-… Banza Chickpea pasta. It’s all I eat. It’s made out of chickpeas and is gluten-free and high in protein! It’s super easy to make and can be two nights worth of dinner. The entire box is just over 300 calories. Maybe I shouldn’t be publicizing it,  because I basically buy out the entire supply of it at the grocery store, but it is definitely worth checking out!mung_bean_edamame_US_1280__61185.1409959273.730.502

2. Organic Edamame and Mung Bean Pasta— This is another substitute for pasta.  It’s essentially edamame pasta. Although slightly flavorless, it will taste like whatever sauce you put on it, and it’s packed with protein and low in carbs!

3. nutritional-yeast-flakes-122Nutritional Yeast— Another great way to cut down on fatty foods is to drop all lactose products. I have stopped eating dairy, have felt a lot better, and have been dropping weight faster. Nutritional yeast is somewhat like a parmesan cheese alternative. I add it on dinners or even popcorn. It’s great if you need to add that additional salty/nutty flavor to something! It’s also low in calories!

4. If all else fails, Kayla Istines.

X’s, O’s, and a whole lot of squats,


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