September 22 2015

Spotlight on Florida Gulf Coast University – HIIT IT! by Ximena (Z) Iglesias, SFTL Contributing Writer


Ximena (Z) was our fitness intern this summer.  Here’s her update on her exploits at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she’s been keeping extremely busy! 

Screenshot 2015-09-22 07.34.03Hi SFTL!
Z here joining in once again.  This time I join you from the South West Coast of Florida, Fort Myers!

Here I have been running around at Florida Gulf Coast University, studying and teaching group fitness classes. Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings I teach Zumba!

Every once in a while I get the chance to sub for a friend here at the gym. In my video I am teaching HIIT: High-intensity interval training! What is HIIT, you may ask?
HIIT is interval training (duh!), an exercise strategy of short bursts of intense circuits and a short rest time. In simpler terms, it is one minute high intensity and 30 seconds off. For the one minute, you try to exert as much energy as possible and move on to the next station, breathe and get ready for another minute of high intensity. In total, you move from about 10-13 different station in the 45 minutes of class.
Enjoy my video demonstrating and teaching at school!

Go Eagles!

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