March 29 2016

Are You a Feminist Like Sophia Bush?


The term “feminist” has become a major issue in the news. People who consider themselves feminists are starting rallies and protests for their rights. But, what actually is feminism? According to Google, feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” Based off of this definition, would you consider yourself a feminist? People fear using this term to describe themselves, because feminism is often expressed as a hatred toward men, with the thought that if you are a feminist, you hate the opposite sex.

To me, this is not true. I believe that feminism is the belief that you should be treated equally to men, but not that you should discredit them.  They work just as hard as we do and deserve what they are given. After watching Sophia Bush, also known as Brooke from “One Tree Hill,” describe feminism in a more fundamental way, I now have a much more reverential view on what feminism is. Now, there are some people out there who take the feminist approach a little more extreme, but believing you deserve equality is not a bad thing. We should be proud to be women, and we should be proud of all that we accomplish as a gender. Here are a few ideas that feminists, at least, the non-radical ones, believe in that may make you consider yourself one as well.

1. Believe in your quality of work

As Sophia Bush stated in her Huffington Post interview, it is not bad to believe in your quality of work. We women work just as hard as the men do, and, sometimes, even harder. Just because we are women does not mean our quality of work is less than anyone else’s. In fact, unlike men, women have a higher ability to put their emotions and heart into their work, which could allow them to work harder and get more done.

2. Women should receive high-power positions

Why can’t women become CEO’s of companies? So many companies fear women who hold higher power jobs because many men refuse to work under them. This goes along with women’s equality; why should it matter if a woman works harder than you or is smarter than you? We should have just as much of a chance to be promoted as any man does.

3. Equal pay

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Who would want to be paid less than someone else for doing the same job when he or she works just as hard?

Being a feminist is not bad, it just means that you love being a woman and that you want to be treated as equal as men. Some feminists take it too far in saying that they hate men because they are treated better, and cause people to fear feminism. But, it really is a good thing to believe you deserve equality. Women rock, and as Sophia Bush said,

“Believing in my right to live as well and as well-protected in the world as a man, doesn’t mean I hate men. And it doesn’t mean I’m going to burn all my bras and throw away all my high heels.”

Believing in the fact that women should not be objectified and treated like an item, and that instead should be treated like men is not wrong. We have women fighting for our county and risking their lives, so why is it so hard for a woman to be a CEO? Women have so much potential and feminists see that. We should be proud to be women, and should be proud of all of our gender’s accomplishments. We work hard and look great doing it.


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