March 11 2016

Make Social Media Your Friend, Not Your Enemy by Katie Hoesley

If you’re like me, you find yourself deep inside a social media black hole from time to time. You’re somehow on your grade school best friend’s boyfriend’s college roommate’s profile and snap into reality with a question mark over your head like a Sims character. It’s an easy way to pass the time when you’re waiting for that friend who’s always late or putting off responding to those emails, but it’s an even easier way to waste oodles of your valuable time. Instead of continuing to let social media drag you into its endless abyss of nothingness, try to make your accounts work for you. Your social media can go from being pointless and draining to educational and inspirational if you make these moves!

Delete-Erase-Unfollow-Whatever-GIF1. Treat your accounts like your closet.
By this I mean: get rid of things that don’t fit anymore. When I was a kid, my mom used to always tell me put anything I hadn’t worn in the past calendar year in the donation pile, and it’s a rule I’ve since lived by both in my closet and in my social media. There are a few exceptions, like black tie dresses or that girl you went to college with who dropped out and somehow now has 10 thousand followers and you just can’t bring yourself to unfollow her, but generally it’s a good rule to live by. Take the time to unlike and unfollow all those weird accounts you liked when you were in junior high, and clean house of the weird, the random, and the pointless.

Whatever-GIF2. Don’t feel guilty about deleting friends.
There’s a strange pressure to follow back or to accept friend requests from people you know but don’t necessarily like, i.e: “What if they notice?” “I don’t want to offend them…” Feeling any type of pressure or the need to live up to any social rules regarding social media is a huge mistake. These platforms allow you to be a social being in whatever way you choose. Delete people you don’t like! Unfriend, unfollow, and don’t feel the need to peer into the life of someone whose life you aren’t interested in. Bogging yourself down with a feed of people you find boring, uninspiring or sometimes just a bummer is an obvious waste of your time, right? If they aren’t your friends, chances are they’re never going to notice anyway. Your account, your rules.

3. Revamp who you follow & what you like.
Find the sources of news, media, and current events you do enjoy. Follow those pages. I’ve followed pages like Vice News, Nylon Magazine, Tasty Recipes, and a number of other publications and people I love. It’s transformed my newsfeed from engagement announcements from girls I haven’t talked to since grade school to news, events, recipes, and media that I’m interested in. My newfeeds are now scrolling lists of things I’m interested in rather than a page where I scroll myself into oblivion or find myself taking a quiz about what Vampire Diaries villain should be my boyfriend based on my zodiac sign (I’m guessing you’ve taken that one too).

The newsfeeds that once drained the life from your eyes after hours of aimless scrolling don’t need to plague you forever. Making your online profiles work for you will not only feed your mind, but prevent you from rolling your eyes 400 times a day.

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2 thoughts on “Make Social Media Your Friend, Not Your Enemy by Katie Hoesley

  1. Hi Katie!

    Social media is like a double edged sword or like a love/hate relationship. It’s like, “I hate myself for loving you.”
    It’s also like a hall of mirrors. It most often reflects who you are instead of revealing much else. It’s hard to attract an audience unless you’re truly entertaining in some way. That said, I’ll probably keep using some of it though I’d be much better off spending the time on writing or playing music.

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