March 9 2016

Why Having Sisters Is A Blessing In Disguise by Meredith Sherbin

This one goes out to my 3 crazy, yet unbelievably loving and supportive sisters,

To begin, I want to give some background on our family dynamics. So I’m the third out of four girls: NO boys. Crazy right?? There are always a lot of things going on at once. Between sports practice, meal times, and all going to different schools, you could say life in the Sherbin household is nothing less than hectic. Anyone who comes from an all girl household, or even has a sister, knows how hectic the life of a girl can be.

Besides our busy day-to-day schedules that we constantly have to deal with, there are some other problems we face like the strong, yet powerful clashing of personalities that goes on in our house (God bless my father for not ripping his head off by now.). And not to mention, HORMONES ON HORMONES. All of us have such different interests and opinions that we can get pretty angry with one another. Even something so simple as the menu for dinner that night, one little spat, can turn into a screaming match resulting in a silent meal.

But hey, there are plenty of upsides to living in a house full of girls (Dad I promise you there are.  You just have to look beyond all the screaming and whining.). Like having 4 or 5 (Yes, mom.  I am including you on this one.) closets to scramble through. Having tons of makeup and shoes to share. Also, BOY TALK! Even though we are all a couple years apart, we still talk boys like we are all in the same class!
All jokes aside, having sisters is the most rewarding thing I could ever imagine. They are the most important people in my life. I am always able to be myself around them, and I know that it’s a safe and judgment free zone. I know three girls who I can share everything with. I know three girls who will support me on anything (even if they strongly disagree). I know three girls who will give me a shoulder to cry on, or a lap to laugh on. I know three girls who will always answer their phones when my name pops up, no matter what they have going on. And yes these three girls are my sisters, but they are also my best friends!


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