September 16 2015

She Woke Up Like This! Welcome To The Fit List, Tavi Gevinson

Or maybe we should say she was born like this!  Proving that success can come at any age, Tavi was a fashion blogger at 11 and founder of Rookie Magazine, an online magazine for teenage girls at the age of 15.  She was named to the Forbes 30under30 twice by the time she was 16, and last year recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential teens (Um, Time, can we say “duh”?).

tavi-gevinson-clinique-w540Tavi is totally confident being a work in progress, constantly growing, developing and evolving, and that’s what we love.  She went from fashion blogger to feminist and influencer to actress and more.  Just this week, she interviewed Chelsea Clinton at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square about Chelsea’s new book for kids, It’s Your World, which encourages kids to take action and get involved.

In true SFTL style, Tavi understands that feminism doesn’t mean a lifetime of wearing men’s shirts and dirty jeans, nor does being interested in fashion mean your brain fell out of your head somewhere along the line:

“When I started Rookie, there were a lot of girls like me who had fashion blogs and loved getting dressed up and thinking about appearance, not in a stressful women’s magazine way, but in a creative way. I can understand how some feminists who’ve fought against things like style or beauty defining all women might feel confused about how we can discuss self-esteem and being your own person, but also write so much about fashion. But for Rookie, fashion is about personal expression and creativity. And I want there to be a place where women can do that, where you can care about fashion, and even be super girly, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not also smart or confident or strong.”

Tavi Gevinson, we’re pretty sure you were Fit to Lead from the second you set foot on earth.  Welcome to The Fit List!


She’s Fit to Lead

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