April 15 2016

Have The Confidence to Just Say No

College is a crazy time, an exciting time, and a learning experience in every aspect. You’re on the last leg of becoming a real adult, as you have all the freedoms of being an adult, while, if you’re lucky like me, still having support from your parents. You can stay out late, have a boy over, and even eat leftover pizza for breakfast because no one is telling you not to. College is a time where people can experiment;

however, this experimentation is not always as innocent as we think it is. I don’t mean trying Cuban food because you’re in Miami, which is harmless, yet harmful.What I am getting at is experimenting with drugs.

This new found freedom in college lacks any type of monitoring that people may  have encountered in high school, and drugs are everywhere. They can be inexpensive and, honestly, easy to get, and, even worse, it seems as if everyone is trying them. So, it’s no surprise someone would ask, “Why not just do it yourself?” Well, here’s the deal: trying drugs is not the problem, continuing to “try” them, is.

Drugs, at least at my school, seem to be universally accepted among students. Scary thought, huh? From study aids to the stuff that’s a lot more addictive and a lot more dangerous, we see it all, and we see it often. And what’s scarier is that college students make up one of the largest groups of drug abusers nationwide. And that doesn’t just go away after college.

But lucky for you, you have me to help you keep some things in mind:

  1. Drugs are not harmless. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have an addictive personality, that does not mean you can’t get addicted to drugs. If you need a drug to go out on the weekends, socialize, sleep, relax, or study, addiction has become an issue. And, even more importantly, if you use a drug to run away from a problem then that is one of the biggest issues. If you identify with any of this, stop using while you can. There are far worse things ahead if this is your mindset.
  1. Just Say No. I know it’s cliché, we heard it from D.A.R.E and all the other anti-drug groups back in middle school, back when we thought we would never touch a beer in our life. But, let me tell you, these programs were not wrong. You can say no, and you should say no, and this is extremely important to remember. Drugs do not make you prettier, more popular, or cooler in any sense. And if someone gives you sh*t about saying no, then maybe you have some reevaluating to do on who you surround yourself with. Drug use is not normal. Having the confidence to say no will give you more power than you ever thought you could have.


Addiction is not a joke, and it is not fun. As someone who has dealt with drug addictions, and loved an addict, I am telling you now; drugs are not cool. They’re not trendy; they’re scary, addictive, and deadly. Drugs can do a lot more harm than you may think.

Save yourself from the years of struggle you are about to face and just say no.

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