January 28 2017

Rory Gilmore – Feminist or Feminist disaster?

Like most teenage girls and women, “Gilmore Girls” is one of my favorite television shows ever. I personally love “Gilmore Girls” so much because Rory and Lorelai have a very special mother-daughter relationship, and their relationship is very similar to the relationship my mother and I have. However, as much as I love “Gilmore Girls,” I do not think Rory Gilmore is as great of a role model as I used to think. When I first watched the show, I saw Rory as a very smart, independent young woman, but after rewatching the series and it’s sequel, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” I realized Rory is not independent and that she is a terrible role model. She is the definition of a feminist disaster.

When the show started, Rory was a smart, charming, independent, and intellectual young woman. Rory was amazing and very inspiring, as she showed that teenage girls do not have to only be into boys and partying. However, once Rory started dating Dean, she became a needy, dependent girl. Rory was extremely obsessed with Dean and would ditch Lane, her BFF, for her boyfriend.  This dependency continued after Dean, as Rory was super dependent on other boyfriends, Jess and Logan, as well. Instead of encouraging women to be independent and not rely on a guy, Rory teaches us that we should be dependent on men and schedule our lives around them.



Also, not only is Rory too obsessed with guys, but what is up with her not talking to her mom for 6 months and dropping out of Yale her first semester sophomore year? Rory was very immature and selfish when she did that, but would not admit it.



In addition to Rory proving to be a feminist disaster in the original show, she continues as a feminist disaster in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” All right, I have to admit, I could go on and on about how Rory is a feminist disaster, and a terrible person, in the GG revival, but I won’t do that to you. Instead, I am going to name off just three of about 20 reasons why Rory isn’t as great of a role model I thought. First of all, Rory treats her boyfriend, Paul (is that even his name?), so terribly. Rory constantly forgets about her plans with him and is so mean to him that represents all women poorly. Also, Logan is cheating on his fiancé with Rory, and Rory just does not care. How is that OK? Honestly Rory, what are you doing there? Lastly, Rory does not have a job, does not prepare for her job interviews, and just thinks that the world revolves around her.



Therefore, while I do love “Gilmore Girls,” I am sorry Rory Gilmore, but you are not that great, and you are a feminist disaster.

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