March 10 2016

Tips For That #BossLady Resume by Mollie Clinton

As a freshman in college, so far I have realized three very important things: leggings are pants, mac ‘n cheese does count as dinner, and I need a resume!

leggingsarepantsgiphyIn high school, it is very common for seniors to have little to no experience on their resume or to not even have a resume at all. When you enter the college world, there are so many opportunities in front of you, but most of them require a resume. So in order to transform your resume from drab to fab, you have to start fresh!

resume not impressed1. Consider looking at resume templates online to help you get an idea of organizing your resume.

2. Most importantly, your name should be clearly displayed at the top of your resume.

3.  Structure your resume so there is a header for each section. Some examples of header titles would be: your contact information, your education, skills, community service, experience, and honors, awards, and memberships.

iwonalotofprizesgiphyWayUp, the largest online marketplace, suggests putting everything on your resume in chronological order. WayUp also says to use a generic font. Channel your inner English teacher: Times New Roman, 12 point font, single spaced (we’ve all heard it before). Check out WayUp, an awesome recruiting site that She’s Fit To Lead has recently connected with featuring jobs and internships for students, for more great tips as well.  You can read Marv Russell’s article on resume writing on WayUp’s blog [here].     

4.  Do not include a Resume Profile.  You will share that information when you get your interview, and it will just take up space without adding anything to your chances of getting hired.

5.  Under your contact information, you want to include your email.  This is most important. Make sure you change your email when you are transitioning into college so that it is not something like Ilovebunnies19@website.com.

email address meme6.  Under education, you should include where you are currently attending college and what you are planning to pursue as a major.

7.  For skills, you can include programs that you have worked with previously like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Google Docs, Form, and Sheets. Also make sure you spell EVERYTHING out.  Do not use abbreviations.

8.  Make sure when you are listing your experience that you describe what you did as well. When describing what you did at your job or internship, use bullet points instead of full sentences.  Also action verbs really help to grab the reader’s attention and help you to be more descriptive. WayUp does a great job of providing example action verbs to include in your resume.  Make yourself seem different, and focus on what separates you from other candidates! When you are listing your experience make sure you include the time frame during which you participated in those activities. You can use months (like March 2008-October 2008) or just years, but be consistent.

9.  Overall tips to consider! Make sure your resume does not exceed one page (trust me it is possible no matter what!).   Make sure your verb tenses are consistent as well, for instance if something took place in the past use the past tense and do the opposite for present!   I struggle with this problem in everything I write, so proofread everything before you send it.

spellcheck10.  If you are a freshman, it is okay to include your high school activities, because you have not had an extensive amount of experience yet. Marv Russell also wrote, “Always…be creative and original without being gimmicky or offensive. For example, if you’re applying for an internship in social sales and marketing, a QR code with your contact info is not gimmicky. It demonstrates your understanding of current social sales strategies.” I think this is a great reminder to include your personality and knowledge!

I hope some of these tips help! Happy job/intern/opportunity hunting! For some ideas on where to start be sure to check out WayUp to help you find what you’re looking for!  

resume done
Meet WayUp Co-Founder and CEO Liz Wessel at #ConnectToConfidence on May 21, 2016 in New York City and learn more about all of their fabulous job and internship opportunities.  Stay tuned for our interview with Liz featured in next week’s Fit List.  

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