November 9 2016

President Trump – Where To Go From Here?

via bigstockphoto.com

via bigstockphoto.com

As a 19-year-old student at the University of Michigan, politics is something that has been so far from my mind. With midterm season, a case of seasonal allergies, and tailgating season still going on, you could say I have been more than distracted these past couple weeks. After the results last night, the lack of attention I gave to this election is something I truly regret. It wasn’t so much I didn’t care, I did, and I voted and made sure my ballot got in on time.   It was more of a lack of realization that it was even possible that the former Celebrity Apprentice host would be moving into the White House.

I knew from the start that I never liked Trump, and NOT because my parents said that, but because of his sexist, racist, disrespectful words and behavior he has shown America not only throughout this election, but ever since he has been given a place in the limelight.

meredithfamWhen I watched the video of our next president mocking a news anchor with severe disabilities, I felt deep in my heart that no human being with a stitch of empathy, sympathy, kindness, and respectability would even considering bubbling in his name at the polls. My sister has severe cerebral palsy, and watching that video, with my sister just sitting in the other room, helpless and unaware of what was happening, I couldn’t bear the thought that anyone I truly loved would vote for him. I just didn’t think it would happen.

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All of my life, I have been told and encouraged to speak my mind, voice my own opinion, and follow through with my dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. But the way Donald Trump treats and speaks about women set those engrained ideals far back for me, and many other of my intelligent and promising female peers. It’s disheartening to say the least.

via bigstockphoto.com

via bigstockphoto.com

Although this is the new reality, and unfortunately there is nothing more to be changed or done, I, along with many others, will need time to heal, accept, and be hopeful for the future of this country. We all want change. We all want respect, and we all deserve it, however we as free Americans are allowed time and respect to heal and move forward after the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Now, all we can do is be hopeful and open-minded. As a millennial, I vow to make politics, my future, and the future of my children a priority in my life. Being in denial, and avoiding a possible reality is what hurt this country in the end. When it is time for Donald Trump to be inaugurated in to office, then we all must stand united and gracefully, as Americans, and the future of this country, to bring forth change and break down minority barriers, for ourselves and future of the United States of America.


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