April 8 2016

“So, Jess, what are you going to do with your life?”



Dear suddenly interested in my life acquaintances, friends of friends and distant family who actually know nothing about me and until this moment seemed not to care,

The dreaded questions… “So what are you doing next year?” “What are your thoughts for next year?” There are at least other 10 variations of those questions.

The thoughts going through my head: “If you were actually relevant in my life, don’t you think you would know what I was doing next year?”

What I actually say: “I don’t know yet, but thanks for making me feel like a pile of crap.” 🙁

What occurs after the fact: anxiety through the roof, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sending out 10 applications for a job, mini heart attack calling and texting my mother 40 times, followed by taking my recommended dose of medication along with a slight deviation into a minor depression. NO. BIG. DEAL.

Due to the nosy parents of our society, and the ridiculous standards that the banking and finance jobs have set for every other occupation in the world, all college seniors feel they need to have had a job lined up since the day they graduated kindergarten. While nap time and shoving play-doh in your mouth was all in good fun, I, on the other hand, was always planning for my future. I know I’m not the only one who has been career-oriented since the womb, but the field of communications doesn’t operate on the same timeline, and when asked this dreaded question, I and the other 50,000 students from the northeast seeking to apply their communications majors feel degraded.

It is very common in this field to graduate not knowing what you are doing, and while I personally haven’t accepted that, it’s very normal and is not looked down upon… so I need the nosy and judgmental people of the world to STOP being so #rude and judgmental or at least have a sign around their necks that warns people that they are going to ask those questions, so I can properly hide my eye-rolls through my oversized sunglasses and successfully dodge them with my pretend phone calls with no one on the other line to look extremely busy.

So please, for the love of my sanity (and more importantly, my mother’s) those questions need to end!  

Sincerely, all of the basic betches studying communications from the northeast 💁🏻

X’s, O’s and oversized sunglasses


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