May 12 2016

Moments Leave, but Photos are Forever

Sunrise atop Masada in Israel.

Published with permission of L. Cohen

There is no better way to appreciate life than to live in the moment. Far too often, people are so engrossed in their social media apps on their phones or worrying about what they have to do at work or school, that they fail to see the beauty that surrounds them every day. Of course, it is necessary to work hard and succeed in all career or education endeavors, but it is just as necessary to take a break and succeed in immersing into the truly blissful moments of life.

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When those blissful moments — the truly exceptional moments — do arrive, they often come and go so quickly that nobody has a chance to really grasp onto the fact that they are there, and they are happening. While it’s nice to believe that these are the moments that people will remember forever, it’s undeniable that people won’t remember that exact moment or remember the aspects of it that made them say, “Wow,” every day for the rest of their lives. These moments leave, but there is something that can make them last forever.

Take photos. No, not selfies on a smartphone for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other social media site to get its rights on, but photos that are printable. Use a real camera — Polaroids are a great choice — place the pictures in a photo album, in picture frames for the house, or even make crafts with them. There’s something about having  printed photos that spark so many memories. After a glance, the moment redevelops itself and, all of a sudden, it’s like the moment is reliving itself — the smells, the sites, the memories, and the people all come back.

Photographs are the romanticism movement of the modern days. No matter what the photo is of, what the moment was, or who was involved, photos have the power to take a piece of paper with ink on it and transform it into a place of serenity, happiness, and love. And every time these pieces of paper are glanced at, it is a chance to remember the bliss of the moment and the beauty of life.


Fields of Connecticut

Published with permission of L. Cohen

Social media likes are nothing, but celebrating life is everything. Invest in a camera, not the one built into iPhones and Androids, and next time there is a moment that feels exceptionally special, take a moment to capture a picture, then continue the bliss that you have found. Whether it be 5 years, 10 years, or 50 years after that photo was taken, the moment the photo is looked at again, it will feel as if you were enveloped into the photo itself, seeing the moment and reliving life for everything that it’s worth.

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