November 22 2016

One (Pants)suit Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All

donaldtrumpDonald Trump may be President-elect for the U.S., but he will never be the President-elect for us. The man who equates sexual assault to locker room banter, believes love is only for the heterosexual, and thinks 50-year-old white males have more say over a woman’s body than she does, will never have my respect or my consideration for him as President.

While this nation lost a lot of my respect for choosing a misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, there is one nation that still has my respect — the Pantsuit Nation. This group of more than 3 million women prove day-in and day-out that a nation is only as powerful as its people. These women acknowledge the injustice that the United States chose to pursue and are each working vigorously to prove that this injustice can change.

pantsuitnationWhile some think that Hillary supporters are whining and overreacting to this election, the truth is that we refuse to have our rights stripped away and be led by an asinine narcissist. Standing up for our rights is what the United States was founded upon, and continuing to do so is furthering our pursuit of equality. Standing up for ourselves is not whining, it’s knowing we deserve to be treated better than the situation thrust upon us. Pantsuit women know that this is the time to roar the great powerful roar and to fight with their voices to change the grim future of our country.

hillaryconcessionTrump supporters — whether they voted for him because they uphold his values or because they ignorantly think Hillary is a criminal — voted for someone who is supported by the KKK, who Germany warned is a dangerous threat to the U.S. and the world, and who would rather focus on being politically incorrect than the needs of the people. Saying Trump will “Make America Great Again” is equivalent to saying “Make White Men Powerful Again.” And we, as members of not only the Pantsuit Nation, but members of the human race, are not, and will never be, OK with this selection.

Being a supporter of the new era of the U.S. nation is being a supporter of a divided nation, under a hateful God, with Liberty and Justice for some. Being a supporter of the “US” nation means advocating for the rights of women, the LGBT+ community, and all the cultures in our “melting pot” country that is now topped with white supremacy.

For the next four years, one nation will be led by the man chosen to teach your sons that they own women, to teach your daughters they are nothing more than objects, and to tell non-white races they will never hold the power of a white man. The other nation, however, the Pantsuit Nation, will teach your sons to respect women, teach your daughters they are powerful, and will welcome all races, all cultures, and all individuals to an empowering environment with open arms.

hillary-clinton-01-800We are one (Pants)suit Nation, under a fair God, with liberty and justice for all.

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