October 5 2015

On Mondays We Wear Motivation! by Ximena Iglesias, SFTL Contributing Writer

On Saturday it was October 3rd.  And we all know what that means.  Happy Mean Girls Day!

I was supposed to be studying for midterms, but thinking about Mean Girls was way better!  Believe it or not, its pretty easy to relate to Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan).

anigif_enhanced-32639-1433732369-3Remember Cady didnt know anybody her first day either. Every semester, we all start new classes. New people, new professors, new everything. It’s like a clean start. We’re all Cady. Sometimes it’s lots of pressure. Classes get harder, more exams on the syllabus, the number of essays and group projects multiply.

But what is the most important thing in all of this?

C O N F I D E N C E.
Hold your head up the very first day of class, introduce yourself with a smile.  Believe in yourself before all exams and presentations. Look back at Cady’s confidence in math class:
Sometimes this is all easier said than done. I easily feel this way now as midterms are approaching. But then I remember, I felt like Cady the first day of the semester, and look how far I’ve come. Fall semester started not too long ago and it’s already 1/2 way over. I can do this!
Best of Luck

p.s.  On Wednesday…wear what you want!  Remember, confidence!!!!

Ximena Iglesias, our SFTL Contributing Writer and Fitness Advisor is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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