November 19 2015

No, I do NOT know what I want to do with my life…by Carly Kahan, University of Michigan

Possible Major: Undeclared?

Interests: Many?

Experience: None?

As I sit through my six-hundred-person psychology lecture or my fifteen-person philosophy seminar each day, I realize that I have no idea what I want my future to look like. I mean I guess the human brain is interesting? And the parallels made between love and justice are intriguing? Potential majors flood through my mind, internship and job possibilities linger above me, and “cool and exciting” opportunities await me. But, it is the unknown of ALL of these things and how to approach them that leaves people, like me, stuck at a standstill. Overwhelmed with the idea of having “the world as my oyster”, I try to hide from the thoughts of my future.

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And, I thought the non-stop questions from random relatives were going to stop after I was accepted and decided to go to college. Nope. I’m warning you all, as only a freshman of her first semester, they do not. I still get the calls from “that random aunt” asking: How’s school? Do you know what you’re majoring in yet? Any summer internships in mind? As I proceed to reply in my politest and sweetest voice to her, I give her the news lightly: “I’m sorry Aunt (insert name), but I’m still undecided”. (Not to mention Aunt (insert name), I’ll continue to be undecided in everything about my life until I decide not to be.)


Screenshot 2015-11-18 19.23.48Sorry, I got heated there for a second. But, it’s true!!!!! Being able to decide your whole future as an eighteen-year-old is scary, not to mention extremely difficult. In all seriousness, though, I’m writing to let people know that it is okay to not have a four-year guide to success or any sort of game plan. The pressure put onto first-year students right from the start is tremendous and overwhelming, not to mention the pressure comes from a million different directions, people, and places. The reality is that freshmen students need the adjustment period for settling into school and getting comfortable with the new environment and people around them. I did not realize, until right before I started writing this article, how okay it is that I do not know my possible major, summer internship possibilities, or any other choice that will lead me to my ideal future because as of right now, I do not even know what my ideal future looks like. Again, totally totally fine.

I find myself, on November 19th, 2015, with the knowledge that I wish I knew about two and a half months ago. Let’s be real here: stressing is not worth the possible wrinkles, especially on a college girl. 

It makes sense for college students to try and figure out their future because everyone around us seems to have their lives together, when in reality they do not and most college students are in the same position. It is important to know that things can change and that obstacles come in the way, forcing us to change our plans at times. Most college freshmen and students in general have difficulty choosing a potential future that they believe will make them happiest.

Leading me to next time’s article:

        a sneak peak to what makes a college student happy


XOXO, Carly 

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