January 1 2018

New Years Resolution Ideas

With 2018 now here we have been thinking about new years resolutions and I have been thinking about more then the typical resolutions people have of eating better and working out.

This years resolutions consists not only of eating better and working out but being a better person as well. Take a look at these 25 other New Year’s resolutions you can set for yourself:

Stay Fit and Healthy

  • consider everyones feelings
  • remember your environmental impact
  • stay in touch with others
  • explore your city
  • put yourself out there
  • embrace change
  • get in shape
  • become more active
  • eat better
  • stop procrastinating
  • meet new people
  • become more polite
  • get more quality sleep
  • reduce stress
  • watch less TV
  • read more
  • learn to cook
  • be self reliant
  • control your emotions
  • turn your hobby into a career
  • spend less time on social media
  • start writting
  • face your fears
  • try something different/new
  • become more confident!
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