June 8 2016

What a Best Friend Really Is

A best friend is alert; always into what you’re saying.
A best friend is comforting and always supportive.
A best friend is energizing; they’re always willing to brighten your mood.
A best friend is fun and always a good time.
A best friend is faithful. They got your back, just like you have theirs.
Your best friend loves you as much as you love them.
A best friend is unique because there is no other.

 They’re more than just sugar, spice and everything nice.
If you haven’t guessed it, best friends come in all shapes and sizes.
Some have four legs and are furry.

IMG_0807 Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.39.18 AM

Happy Best Friends Day

Love, Zara and Z, Nova and Candy

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