November 14 2016

Monday Motivator – Meet Dressing Room 8 Founder Natasha Nurse

monday motivator
natasha-2-2What is Dressing Room 8?

As a licensed attorney by trade, I have held various stints in the corporate world prior to making a foray into fashion and writing.  Because of my own personal experiences with bullying and a strong desire to help others within the plus size community, I launched Dressing Room 8  to provide a web-based resource where women can gain personal and professional development through her fashion and lifestyle focused blog and coaching services. I’ve published interviews with the CEO of Ashley Stewart and the VP of Design for Torrid among others on the site and have since launched my personal coaching and business consulting services.

What was your inspiration for starting it?

I want all women to know that they are capable of success, prosperity, and internal joy. To get into business, I needed to do something that was near and dear to my heart. What is better than motivating women to find their own “aha” moment similar to the one that prompted me to launch my own business?

What were you doing before?  Was it scary to make the change?

Before launching Dressing Room 8, I was working in the legal education and sales world. It wasn’t scary to make the change because I knew that this new transition in my life was going to be meaningful and I was more than capable of taking on this new part of my life. So many of us are afraid of change, but it is an inevitable part of life – we should accept and embrace life changes!

Other than Elle Woods, is law school relevant at all to fashion 🙂?

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world bound by laws. This means that if you’re a designer looking to start your own business or if you have a fashion business and you are looking to sell it or partner with someone, you’ll most likely encounter a laundry list of legal considerations you’ll have to think through.  Being a lawyer has given me a different lens through which I examine business ideas and strategies.  I work with many clients in the creative field who may not necessarily have the formal training or experience to foresee certain legal issues that may come their way … and that’s where I can chime in.

What do you love about fashion?   

Fashion is a great medium for us to express ourselves. We all make visual impressions, meaning the first impression you make on someone is usually one based on how you look and what you are wearing.  What this mean is that you can exercise a certain level of control over that impression. I find this fact extremely liberating. You can use your personal style to celebrate your ethnicity, style preferences, and who you are in this world.

dsc_0969It’s easy to say feel confident about your body at any size but harder to do.  What’s your advice?  

You are very right. I believe a key ingredient to feeling confident is to really research and invest in what you wear. What this means is that you’ll have to spend more time searching for retailers that carry your size and offer styles you like (which unfortunately is harder if you are plus size). However, that will all pay off when you find clothes that are comfortable to wear and flatter your shape.  It may mean buying fewer items for what you budgeted to spend but really loving those items compared to buying a lot of cheaply priced and made clothes that make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable due to ill-fit and poor quality.  Variety is not always a good thing.

What looks do you love this fall?  What’s on the horizon for winter? 

I am loving all the attention around velvet, bomber jackets, and statement sleeves.  I love some fur (faux only) for the winter when it’s tasteful and subtle.

How have you grown your business?  How do you get the word out?    

Dressing Room 8 has grown tremendously. I have grown the number of business clients this year and have been fortunate enough to take on several speaking engagements as well as coaching clients. The best way to get the word out is through social media and good old fashion networking.  As an entrepreneur, you have to be fearless when it comes to sharing what you do with the world.

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Is there anything you wish you studied in school to prepare you to be an entrepreneur?  

Life itself is really the best teacher when it comes to entrepreneurship. If you are doing it right, you will be learning and growing each and every day.  There’s so much knowledge out there that anyone can obtain for free these days, you can easily get a full MBA through a mixture of MOOCs (massive open online courses) and networking.

Favorite mantra or a go to inspirational quote?  

One of my favorite quotes is by Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Half the battle in life is believing you can achieve your dreams. I love working with women and having them realize that their dreams and goals are within their reach. 

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