August 17 2015

My Leadership Style – Why I Love Clothes by Emma Bernstein

Emma in Alexis Dress (10)I like clothes. I always have. And I am good at them. Can a person be good at an object rather than an activity? I’m not so sure I would necessarily parallel my talents in understanding trends to an activity such as shopping. I am certainly not a top notch shopper. But I am a confident one.   I get tired easily and my back starts to hurt. Sometimes I rush through purchases without much contemplation, leaving the store with unnecessary items that go barely worn and ultimately end up in my younger sister’s closet; I am certainly not one to find the best bang for my buck. But clothes- that I can do. I have this natural ability to put wardrobes together, to understand what outfit is appropriate for certain occasions, to enhance my own body (or very often others’ bodies) by selecting clothes that let my favorite personal features shine. I like clothes because I like the way they make me feel- empowered, confident, and ready to conquer whatever curveball life might throw.

Fashion is an interesting concept. It is worth thinking about. There are people, god only knows where, that decide what is trendy. These trends are then showcased to the world in the form of runway shows, catalogs, and stylist lookbooks so that we, the common public, can adjust our closets in preparation for the season to come. And why do we spend all of this energy and money kow towing to the mystical fashionistas that dictate to us? Well everyone has their own answer to that question. My answer is simple. It is important to me that I look my best. My “leadership style” makes me feel good.

One thing that you should know about me before you continue with me on my  journey navigating through the messy yet wildly exciting times of young adult life is that I am not superficial. I do not judge people upon first impressions and I do not form speculations about people because of their rumored reputations. I like to think that I am a fairly nice girl, with a big heart that has room for any and all that want a part of it. I am fun and loud and a horrible singer, yet I choose to burst out into song quite often.

That being said, let’s keep it real –  appearance is important in this world. I do not mean appearance as beauty, nor do I think appearance is the end all be all of a person. However, I do believe that the choices a person makes about how they present themselves to the world on the outside says a lot about who they are as an individual-on the inside. I think of clothes like paint on a canvas. Just as an artist chooses the type of medium, the colors and the composition of his work, a person gets to choose the type of clothes, the style, the brand, etc. of the clothes that he/she is wearing for the day. You are the artist and your body is your canvas.

That is why I love clothes. They have this innate ability to silently explain the inner thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes of an individual. I am no fashionista but I do know quite a bit about style and I have a lot to say about it. Stay tuned.

Emma in Alexis Dress (2)

Emma Bernstein is a Sophomore at University of Michigan and is a SFTL Community Director.  Emma is wearing the Alexis Wyatt Cut Out Maxi Dress courtesy of Tru Grace Fashion Lounge in Armonk, New York.  

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