February 8 2016

Stay Motivated by Gabriela Lund

It’s common knowledge that exercise is beneficial to your health. However, how to stay motivated to exercise is not as well known. Getting out of bed an extra hour early or working out after a really long day seems difficult, even impossible sometimes. So, here are some tips to help get you going:

  1. Incentivize! Craving an acai bowl from the juice bar down the street? Let it be your reward after your workout. Those really cute Lulu’s you saw online? Get them! In fact, feeling confident and comfortable in your activewear improves your attitude around and enhances your performance during exercise due to the principle of “enclothed cognition”. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022103112000200
  2. Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.30.29 AMWorkout buddies. Whether it is your mom, your roommate, or a friendly face you saw at the gym, holding someone other than yourself accountable for working out forces you to work out too. You wouldn’t want to bail on someone you care about and you wouldn’t want him or her to bail on you either.
  3. giphyInspiration board. It’s time to bring all those dreams you have in your head to life. Print or cut out your favorite quotes and fitness goals, pin them to a corkboard, and hang it next to your bed. This will serve as a daily, visual reminder of why you need to get up and work hard.

  4. VisionBoard11Have a set plan. Take your exercise regimes week by week. It is tedious and almost discouraging to plan every workout and meal for a longer period of time, especially when life gets busy. Check out the class times at the gym on a daily basis and see which ones you can go to, bring your activewear in your bag to change into after school or work, or add alerts to your calendar of when you have free time so you can allocate it well.
  5. Good vibes. When you exercise your brain releases neurotransmitters called dopamine that naturally make you happy. Within 20 minutes of work you’ll be in a better mood than you would have been in without exercising. So remember you are doing yourself a favor! http://www.fastcompany.com/3025957/work-smart/what-happens-to-our-brains-when-we-exercise-and-how-it-makes-us-happier.

good vibes only


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