February 8 2017

Michelle, We Miss You!

She’s graceful, articulate, and headstrong; a leader, a feminist, and a role-model for us all. Serving as the first African American First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama became a powerful force to be reckon with throughout the entirety of her husband’s candidacy. Therefore, as we turn the page on President Barack Obama’s time in office, Michelle deserves a reflection of her own, detailing all of the work she has put forth throughout the past eight years, focusing specifically on children’s health and education.

Upon entering office as First Lady, Mrs. Obama’s regimen was to enact immediate change on the unfortunate lifestyles many children led. Michelle Obama was adamant on educating America’s youth, deeming post-secondary education, and counselors to be, necessities. Additionally, she has been headstrong on education females, encouraging women to take advantage of the educational opportunities America has to offer. Quoted by The Edvocate, Michelle Obama, when questioned about female education globally, stated, “In some places, girls are viewed as less worthy of an education than boys, so when a family has limited funds, they’ll educate their sons instead of their daughters.” With this in mind, Michelle Obama devoted a large chunk of her time as First Lady to encourage American teenage women to pursue a degree.

An additional staple issue that Michelle Obama is incredibly dedicated to eradicating is childhood obesity; there is no better way to exemplify her work with this issue than describing Let’s Move!. Let’s Move! is an organization created by Michelle herself, which is dedicated to solving childhood obesity and, hopefully, uncovering a way in which all children can live healthier lifestyles and experience equal opportunities in pursing their dreams. With “(…) more nutritional information, increased physical activity, easier access to healthy foods and, ultimately, personal responsibility,” at the root of the program, Let’s Move!’s efforts have resulted in a decline in obesity rates in children, with hope for a complete drop in the future.

While her time as First Lady has ended, Michelle Obama has promised that her commitment to bettering the lives of children will not falter. Over the past eight years, she has become an icon through her work, beliefs, and impact on America. In a time where many American citizens are divided, Michelle Obama stands as a leader for many, who adolescent and adult women can look to for empowerment. I assume I can speak for all women when I say thank you, Michelle Obama, for everything you have done and will continue to do for our nation.

Stay Fit and Healthy

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